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What’s a FizzTern?

A college student

A compensated employee of Fizzee Labs

A trained and vital team member

A data visualizer with multiple clients

A work from school contributor

Learn more about becoming a FizzTern today!

FizzViz is Changing Internships for the Better.

What do our FizzTernz think?

Was compensation important to you?
What did you think of the compensation options provided by FizzViz?
How does FizzViz compare to other internships?
What was the scope of your data viz project?
Why do you like data viz?
What is your favorite everyday data viz?
Why do you like data viz?
How does this role compare to others you’ve had?
Will you put this job on social media?
Will you continue as a data analyst?
How did you like your exposure to FizzViz clients?
How did this job compare to past internships?
Was working remotely a positive experience?
How did this job compare to past internships?
What was your impression of the FizzViz staff?

Are you a FizzTern? Find out now!

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