The people that bring the "Fizz"

Joe Hudicka

Joe Hudicka


Joe Hudicka is many things, but one trait describes him best – innovator.
Whether as an entrepreneur, a cutting edge data analyst, a professor, or a father, Joe is constantly challenging established mores and championing productive change.

Relentless Energy, Perpetual Change

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Detailed Execution

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Fizzee Labs is indeed where big ideas bubble up. 
But ideas are worthless without someone to bring them to life.  Lora Hudicka – professor, consultant, mother – executes meticulously.  As a result, Fizzee ideas don’t just pop – they coalesce and grow.

Lora Hudicka

Lora Hudicka

Lora and Joe are both professors at Rider University. 
Their roles in academia grant them unique access to STEM talent at schools across the country.  Students from all backgrounds are eager to become FizzTernz.

Great Schools, Diverse Talent

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Want to talk to Joe, Lora, or a FizzTern? Get in touch today.

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