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Education Needs Big Ideas.

Fizzee Labs Foundation was created to provide much needed support.


The Fizzee Labs Foundation strives to unleash the innovator in everyone


Fizzee Labs will use educational programs to support and improve curricula for primary educators, develop training programs to immerse university students in professional education, and advocate with professional organizations to support FizzKidz and FizzTernz.

Impact starts from small ideas that percolate, bubbling up into big ideas.  The embodiment of our Vision and Mission is called the FizzeeSphere.

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Each element of the FizzeeSphere supports a different group.

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The initial FizzKidz program is called My Mars Mission.  It supports primary school students with a STEM curriculum based on CO2 sensors.

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The initial FizzTernz program is a data visualization coop called FizzViz.  It provides university students tomentored by FizzProz to businesses large and small.

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FizzProz is an ever expanding network of professionals devoted to the cause of Fizzee Labs.  They create programs, mentor participants, and fund Fizzee efforts.

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