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Businesses are wasting $Billions on Data

growth in data investment by 2027
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Data is the lifeblood of business.  Used correctly, it reveals opportunities and stops problems, allowing for profitable growth.

No wonder the data market will soon be  over $39 billion.

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Although data investment is increasing dramatically, data usage is plummeting.

Data must be presented visually to be used properly.

Businesses are wasting billions on data
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The mission of Fizzee Labs foundation is to create opportunities for STEM talent.  The FizzeeSphere has programs to nurture young people, refine the abilities of emerging professionals, and create job opportunities for working professionals.

Fizzee Labs is known for improving processes. The FizzTernz program, is an exponential improvement on a typical staffing template.  Our founders, with decades of experience in STEM consulting, recruit and train the best university students in STEM fields. The result is a model that benefits clients unlike any other. 

FizzViz employs that model to create data visualizations for clients. The model permits large and small customers across industries, sectors, and business functions. 

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