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It Started with a Game

Productive Play. Joey and Heidi Hudicka’s style of play stimulates, either physically or, some say surprisingly, financially. 

It’s not surprising to Joey and Heidi – they created 4 businesses before they graduated college. And Heidi is still in high school! 

Joey and Heidi wanted other kids exposed to the same imagination nourishment their parents provided. That idea bubbled into Fizzee Labs, founded with the mission to support educators in their quest to provide productive stimuli to all children.

Science & Business

Heidi started her first business at the age of 4! Today she is a high school student, science enthusiast, and the driving force behind My Mars Mission, the flagship program in the FizzeeSphere. 


Heidi Hudicka


Joey Hudicka

Sports & Business

Joey Hudicka started two sports apps at the age of  7, PuckZ and GoalZ. The apps sold in 60 countries. This accomplishment was featured in Fast Company and  Inc. Today Joey  is enrolled at Babson College – while running several businesses.

Joe Hudicka jpg

Joe Hudicka

Academia & Business

Joe and Lora Hudicka are parents, businesss people, and  driving forces behind the Entrepreneurial Studies department at Rider University. Joe and Lora both have broad backgrounds starting and running successful businesses. 

Joe, Lora, and Heidi have participated in multiple speaking engagements.

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Lora Hudicka

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